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There are many advantages of selecting a Prestivo tyre for your vehicle, not only is the entire Prestivo range graded “C” or above for wet grip, ensuring excellent stopping distances in saturated driving conditions. Over 70% of the tyre range is rated “C” or above for rolling resistance, offering unmistakeable efficiency and unquestionable performance.

Another benefit of choosing Prestivo tyres is they come with a no quibble lifetime guarantee, 

Gripping Performance - Guaranteed For A Tyre Lifetime

In the unlikely event of a Prestivo tyre developing a manufacturing-related fault during normal motoring, your dealer will repair it or fit a new Prestivo tyre. This cover continues as long as the tyre has at least 2mm of tread depth remaining across the central 3/4 band of the tyre.

Guaranteed Performance

The design and engineering of a Prestivo tyre is robust and lightweight and will provide excellent grip and stability at all speeds.

Guaranteed Dependability

Prestivo tyres have been developed and manufactured to high standards. They are built to last and they won’t let you down.

Guaranteed Value

You can be sure that your investment in Prestivo has bought you a full tyre lifetime of service – backed by this lifetime guarantee.


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